Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Had to See the Folks!

Took the kids on a last minute trip to Kokomo on Friday, then came home on Saturday. Had not seen them since July 11th. Too long! Friday night we went to dinner then spent some time just playing around the house with Nana and Pappy, Uncle Matt and "almost" Aunt Liz. Saturday morning was lazy and slow getting ready to leave. I wanted to take a quick trip to their Kohl's and so my dad volunteered to take me and we had a great couple hours together. He shopped with me for a little while then found a "demo" massaging chair to keep him company until I was finished. We then headed to Culver's for lunch and ice cream. Can't remember the last time that I spent a few hours with my dad was a wonderful my dad!

So October starts out with a trip to Indiana.....the rest of the month is going to be busy. No slow down yet. We are busy doing as much school as possible, even working weekends. We have birthdays to celebrate this month (Great Grandpa Hall -99 and Papaw Brown - 70) ,the Hutsells are coming back around October 20th and then the kids are going to my parents for a long weekend starting on the 28th, while Kevin and I go to a weekend retreat. We will miss quite a few days of school over the last 2 weeks of October so we are really pacing ourselves now to get as much done as possible!

Can't stay on here too long....lots to do. Love the Fall season, love my family, love my friends, love getting away with my husband.....and this month will be filled with all those things!