Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

These Monday holidays always throw me off....I keep thinking it's a Saturday and tomorrow will not seem like a Tuesday.....anyways I am thankful for all those who have served and are serving for my freedom and today we pray for them, their safety and protection

Had a great weekend with "Nana & Pappy"........ we enjoyed a soccer game, shopping, playhouse fixing, cookout w/family, Tim Hawkins DVD, fire pit, church, "the barrel", movies & mini "talent" shows. Today we relax, clean-up, put bedrooms back the way they were & get ready for another school & work week.
Playhouse fixing included: a door, a flower box under window and porch railing......Pappy ROCK's!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A week off?

Who am I kidding, but it felt good to say that. We do have a week off games.

Had a game Mon, Tues & Wed. The holiday weekend has given us a week enjoy some family time. My parents are coming in for the weekend. My dad is putting a door on the playhouse, flower boxes and post on the porch...I'll have to post some pictures.

The weather here is beautiful. We went to a park today, then to get icees @ Speedway, on to Target, Bob Evans & then Jordy's softball game. She is a good little player, she is always paying attention and tries to run her fastest everytime! If you know Jord then you know that she has a very competitive side as well as a compassionate side.........God has put alot into her!

So, everyone have a great Memorial weekend and enjoy the extra day off.....if you are one of those who gets days off.......there's never enough time is there? God help us be good stewards of our time, spending it with those we love and helping those who need Your love!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


We just all left our homeschool end-of-year picnic ~ windblown and wet! The forcasted rain held off all day, even for our morning soccer game and baseball game, but just as soon as we arrived @ the picnic located the wind picked up and the dark clouds rolled in. Oh well, we did manage to find some caterpillars that the kids believe will turn into beautiful butterflies!
I just have a few updates:
  • Kevin is now the Children's & Youth Pastor @ Redeemer's Church Westerville
  • He is doing the message this Sunday so as you can imagine he's studying hard
  • We are adding Cleveland territory to the business this week with 2 appraisers
  • Looking forward to a Memorial Day visit with my mom & dad has a door & flower boxes to add to the playhouse. We love to have them here ~ they are a great Nana & Pappy!
  • I have lost my momentum with school ~ need to get back on the ball. Just hasn't been the same since our RV trip.

Realizing once again how truly blessed I am to have a husband that loves me and always wants to be with me, kids that love the Lord and are healthy, smart and talented (even if it is a comedy act!) family that supports us and loves to spend time with us and the kids, friends that are amazing(they may all move away but they are still amazing), a house that we fit in, barely but we fit, 2 vehicles that work ~ most of the time but they get us where we need to go. A business that keeps growing and a church that has welcomed us in to their family where we can serve. May I always remember the joy that the Lord has brought to my life.... Just feeling blessed today!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baseball Fever

Baseball Fever hits us 'bout this time every year. We love to watch baseball games, especially when our kids are playing. It is more fun to watch the older ones play....the games go a little faster. Tonight was Z's first game. It started @ 8pm and didn't get over until 10pm (Good thing Abby had a nap).

We stopped @ Subway, brought chips and drinks and headed to the ballfield. Z did a great job considering he hasn't really had any batting practice.....he wore his splint tonight. He says it's a little uncomfortable to hold the bat, but he is in no pain while swinging or throwing. He made some really nice infield plays and hit a single, walked a couple times and then hit a grounder to 2nd where the runner was tagged out and the inning was over.
The girl's softball games start next week....this is when we have something happening every night of the week! Rachel's first year, so her games will be the long ones for us, but still so fun to watch them play. Crazy, I know to run my family around this way, but we look forward to baseball season every year.

I also need to mention that Rach scored a goal @ her soccer game on Saturday. This girl has gone from night to day as far as soccer is concerned. Last year she really didn't care about where the ball was or that she should even try to kick it. One time the ball rolled right up to her feet and she moved to the side and motioned for one of her teammates to come and kick the ball instead.....complete change this year. We have had so much fun watching her!

Now just in case you are wondering.....we do not make our kids play any is always a choice for them. At this point we have time and $$ for about 2 sports/year & this is what they chose:
Z : Basketball & Baseball
J : Basketball & Softball
R: Soccer & Softball
A: Thank the Lord she isn't old enough yet to play any, although she is always asking, "Is it my pwactice now?"

Well, it's late and tomorrow is a busy day getting ready for our homeschool's Academic Fair....we still have poster's to finish. Just wanted to let all of you know that Baseball season has officially started @ the Brown house.
Oh yeah....Z's team won 13 - 4! Go Mudcats!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cast Away

Zach's cast came off yesterday. He has to wear a splint now for the next 4 weeks. The orthopedist scared us when he said that after looking at the X-rays he could see that his arm was healing, BUT.......(prior to this "but" he had explained to us that if it had not healed like he had hoped that surgery would be the option since it was broken further up above the wrist) this point my heart is pounding faster and Kevin's face has gotten very serious......then he said, "he has to wear a splint for 4 more weeks" We sighed a big sigh of relief! We are already nervous to see what the Orthopedist bills are going to be.

We've been experimenting with dry ice the past couple of & smokey. Academics Fair for the homeschool group is next week and Zach is working with his buddy Sam on CO2 experiments! We'll have to take pictures of the giant CO2 bubbles!

Lots to do this weekend.....softball practice & church gathering tonight - tomorrow soccer game, softball practice & baseball practice. Our plan is to buy mulch and flowers and also get some yardwork done.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spelling Bees, Funerals, Baseball & Awards

This is what this week is all about. Today, the homeschool group held a Spelling/Geography Bee that Jordan participated in. She did a great job. The spelling words and geography questions were all North America related. Abeka doesn't really get into North American geography until 6th grade so we borrowed Zach's History book for a cram session last night and this morning and she did pretty well....She got the Northern Lights question ~ we went over that, but she also got the "What states border the Pacific Ocean?" question and that one brought tears. Typical of Jordy though ~ she LIKES to get things right! She spelled every word right and that made her happy ~ me too!
We made our way to the Library ( in the rain ~ with no umbrellas) to check out books to start working on our projects for the Academics Fair next week. Zach is working w/a friend on a Science experiment (they have thoughts of "dry ice" but I'm not sure about that). He is also putting together a Ronald Reagan posterboard since he had chosen him for a biography book report earlier this year. Jord has chosen Thomas Jefferson. Rachel has chosen "The Jungle" and Abby has chosen "Farm Animals w/an emphasis on horses." I've started Rachel's posterboard with painting palm tress and vines......still lots to work on for next week.

Other stuff:
  • A neighbor of Kevin's mom and dad have lost their son, probably in his late 40's/early 50's. Kevin grew up playing with him and his siblings. They have asked Kevin to do the funeral, so he is busy trying to put together a message of comfort for this family.
  • Baseball and Softball practices are in full swing now. Zach on Mon/Sat. Rach on Wed. and Jord on Fri. (Rach still has soccer practice on Thurs)
  • Jord and Rach received AWANA awards on Mon night for finishing their books this year.
  • Zach gets his cast off tomorrow
  • My best neighbors ~ the Worleys ~ are moving to Memphis. Feeling sorry for myself as I lose another friend here on Kellerman Ct. Happy for them as they move on to a better job!

Have a blessed week!