Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cast Away

Zach's cast came off yesterday. He has to wear a splint now for the next 4 weeks. The orthopedist scared us when he said that after looking at the X-rays he could see that his arm was healing, BUT.......(prior to this "but" he had explained to us that if it had not healed like he had hoped that surgery would be the option since it was broken further up above the wrist) this point my heart is pounding faster and Kevin's face has gotten very serious......then he said, "he has to wear a splint for 4 more weeks" We sighed a big sigh of relief! We are already nervous to see what the Orthopedist bills are going to be.

We've been experimenting with dry ice the past couple of & smokey. Academics Fair for the homeschool group is next week and Zach is working with his buddy Sam on CO2 experiments! We'll have to take pictures of the giant CO2 bubbles!

Lots to do this weekend.....softball practice & church gathering tonight - tomorrow soccer game, softball practice & baseball practice. Our plan is to buy mulch and flowers and also get some yardwork done.
Have a great weekend!

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Beck Family said...

Whoa, what a relief about Z's arm.
Glad it is going to be ok. Your weekend sounds busy. Have a great Mother's Day!!