Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4th,2009

Off to a great start with school back in mid-Sept., by mid-October we were ready for our first big break. The Hutsells were coming back for a week, the Becks were going to visit, family pictures, kids going to Kokomo, and Kev and I having a weekend getaway. So after a 2 week "vacation" from school we are back into full swing. Did I mention that during this "vacation" we all had fevers and coughs that we lovingly shared with our company?

The kids are still sleeping in after 2 nights back in their beds. After a week of company and sickness, then a week at Nana and Pappy's with a sleepover at Uncle Matt's and Aunt Liz's they are just tired out.

Rachel and Abby have a new found love for cheerleading and cheerleading outfits....we have watched many "shows" recently and they have spent the better part of the past 2 days in cheerleading outfits.

Zach is busy doing school and catching up on a book that he needs to read for a book report. The DVD class is going to start writing their report during tomorrow's lesson. He has a crossword to finish putting together for our homeschool group newsletter. He also loves to play those facebook games.....drives me crazy, but he had time to read 2 chapters of the Boxcar Children to his sisters last night before watching The Biggest Loser (another one of his addictions- he's a funny kid).

Jord is working hard on her Spanish and American History classes for homeschool group as well as reading Heidi - her Nana gave her the book on this last visit. She is preparing for her first book will be a much longer process than Zach's.

Rachel is trying to memorize all of those special phonics sounds.....1st grade is a BIG phonics year with alot of exceptions to the "rules". Lots to memorize. Adding/Subtracting and Reading. She pulled out a book to read at my mom and dad's and I thought that she wouldn't be able to read it, but she did and she did it well!

Abby is Abby......she colors, cuts and glues. Lovingly tortures the bunny and keeps us laughing. ABC's are now becoming interesting to her....been waiting for this. Just the other day she told Rachel how to spell her name - didn't know that she knew that!

We have lots of work to do before the next break @ Thanksgiving.......

Other updates:
  • Kids are working on a Christmas play for church. Z and J both have bigger parts and J sings a song by herself
  • MWAS is back on an upswing....have put an add out there to hire on appraisers again.
  • I think it's great that my kids ASK to go see Uncle Jim in the nursing home....went today and they always say that they have a good time when they visit him. (Rach and Abby do not go anymore since a couple ladies like to follow them around and try to get their hands on them while making crazy sounds, but Zach and Jord still ask to go)

Looks like it's going to be a nice, sunny weekend.....and there is nothing on the schedule!