Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More RV Pics

My Best friend Melissa with me holding her precious baby Grayson!
Abby walking Kylo at the campground

The boys acting silly!

More silliness~

Relaxing on the Hutsell's deck

Loving on my friend ~ I miss her!

The girls hanging out in the RV
The Niagra Draperies in Mammothe Cave

Zach in the entrance to Mammoth Cave
We are still talking about what a great time we had on our trip and are thinking about renting an RV again in a couple years.....there's talk of heading west, but we may need to visit the Hutsell's again.....this time no stopping till we get there!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Planted a Garden

Today, the kids and I planted a garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, carrots & green beans. The bunny was very curious so he will have to stay in his cage until the fencing gets bought and put up.

Monday, April 27, 2009

RV Pictures

The first pics are of our family, my mom and dad and the Hutsell family. We traveled to Little Rock, AR to see our friends and enjoyed our time with them. I have lots more pics that I will try to add in the next few days.
We have been extremely busy since we have gotten back from our trip....we just started back to school (after a 2 week vacation) today and are trying to get back into a routine around here, but the weather has been so beautiful and we have been enjoying alot of play time outside.
Looking forward to planting my garden Tues or Wed. Have tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, green beans and carrots. We'll see how it goes....I've only grown tomatoes in the past.
I'll post more pics soon... I have to use Kevin's computer when I can because mine is having "internet" troubles and K is always at his computer working so I squeeze in what I can, when I can.

Friday, April 17, 2009

RV Trip

I am in the RV.....we have successfully spent one night in the RV. We picked it up yesterday morning and brought it home and packed it up. This whole adventure is very new for us and packing the RV would've been quite funny for anyone to watch. All the while, K is packing up bikes and loading up all the stuff in the storage area, MWAS employess are needing him to answer questions to keep the business going while we are away.....maybe that's the bigger adventure. Will the business be ok without us? Without Kev? We responded to e-mails and phone calls for at least the first 2 hours of driving.

The kids had a blast traveling in the RV. Watching movies on a comfy couch, coloring and crafting at a table, getting snacks, laying down and pottying......all while driving. We only stopped for gas and that was interesting.....trying to find a gas pump that we could fit at.....
Everyone asks much does cost? It's a giveaway with the 1800RV4RENT number written in big script on all sides of the RV. We are renters! We even watched the movie RV last night, just to get an idea of what not to do.

We had a nice fire last was a very cool night. Grilled our dinner.....which took a very long time and had to be finished up in the RV microwave. We played games, rode bikes and showered in a bath house. The 2 little girls fell in a nice mud was actually more like a mud stream. At least the mud happened before the bath house.

Sleeping arrangements.....My mom and dad slept in the bedroom bed, K and I slept on the table bed, Z and J and Kylo slept on the couch bed (then Z got on the floor in a sleeping bag). R & A slept in the above the cab bed. Everyone slept well, no major wakings in the middle of the night.....just K had to work on orders until about 1:30am. The fun of owning your own business, I guess......but it's that business that has provided the means for us to be taking this trip!

We are headed to Mammoth Cave today.....hopefully will post pics and update later.

Side notes:
  • Rach keeps hitting her head on everything in the RV
  • There are cows nearby and the flies are everywhere, including inside the RV
  • Didn't bring a fly swatter
  • K had a hard time starting a fire......quite funny
  • Jord loves fire

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful time celebrating a Risen Savior this morning. The kids sang a couple songs and Jord had a solo ~ Here is a video clip. I'm so proud of her!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Cast

He chose red, to show his Buckeye spirit, 4-6 weeks and no baseball until it comes off !

Monday, April 6, 2009

Broken Arms and Gimpy Legs

Zach has a broken arm and Abby has a gimpy leg. This all started on Thurs of last week. Abby woke up and was unable to put pressure on her right leg ~ no pain ~ just couldn't straighten out her knee on her right leg. Very similar to Jord a few years ago for those who remember all the poking and proding she went through to figure out why she wasn't using her left leg! Anyways, every morning Abby wakes up like this and then by afternoon she is running around with no problem at all. But today the limping continues and it is not going away.......

Now to Zach, on Thurs he was on his ripstick, his friend on a bike and a rope between them, the rope broke and Zach took a nice fall. He was bleeding and scratched up, his arm hurt but he could move it so we moved on with our evening.......

Long story short.....took both in for X-rays today and Zach has a broken arm and there was no conclusion on Abby. Doctor wants to re-evalutate in a week. Zach will be go to the orthopedist tomorrow and get a cast on his arm.

It has been a long day at the doctor's with all the kids and now they are getting ready to go to AWANA and Abby is going to the neighbors and K is taking me out to dinner! Yeah! I need a big diet coke!

Pray for our arms and legs around here!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rach's first soccer game

Can I say COLD, COLD & COLD. Here we are bundled up at R's soccer game today. She played so well (Last year she lost all ambition before the first game, I think). She had a goal kick that almost scored a goal for her team ~ it just took a little nudge from another teammate to score! She loved playing defense as well. Hope it warms up as the season goes! You never know though....I hear that in the next couple days around here we could see some snow!

So, today while I was at Meijer, K was home with the kids and of course, he was working on orders that are due on Monday while the kids watched a movie. Towards the end of the movie Rach and Abby head out to the back yard to play. Ten minutes later Jord is frantically telling Dad that Abby is in the backyard with her pants down. He comes running down to find out what is going on and discovers that Abby had to poop and Rach and told her that she should try pooping outside behind the playhouse, so she had come into the house, got a roll of toilet paper and was just about to give it a try when Jord ruined all the fun! Maybe we are ready for camping. This is something that even my boy has never tried! Girls! Who knows!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

The jokes were on Kev and I as the kids have been planning this day for weeks. Yep, I got sprayed with water from the kitchen sink. Kev had cold water dumped on him during his shower, the ball from the mouse was missing, and so on and so on.......all jokes were harmless and funny. I'm not a joke person, I don't even like surprises. I like to know ahead of time ~ I even like the know the end of movie before I've seen it.

Our Office Manager started today (yes, I am jumping up and down on the inside). Christian neighbors of ours knew of a lady from their church who was looking for something while the kids were in school. We introduced her to our office chaos this morning and by lunch she had us just a little more organized. There is a lot of details to learn between the clients, appraisers & borrowers. I spent a lot of time with her today in between homeschooling and kiddie conflict management. My days are not free yet. It will take a couple weeks for her to get all the ins and outs down. If I may brag on the Lord a little bit, she is a children's worship pastor and completely enjoyed my loud, singing girls today as well as the prankster that my son was being today as he dropped M&M's in my pop so that it fizzed. She seems an answer to prayer and well worth the wait!

We are busy getting ready for Easter and an RV vacation. Kev and I are both playing for Easter (K-drums, me-piano) and we have not had the time to practice as much as needed. We have a practice tomorrow night the rest of the worship team and I hope I can get it all right.
The RV trip is happening the Thurs after Easter (16th). We are headed to Mammoth Cave and then to see our dear friends the Hutsells, in Little Rock, AR. The kids talk about it everyday and we are so excited and nervous. We have never been the camping type.

Well excuse me while I get a ladybug out of the bathroom, the girls are in there sreaming their heads off.......camping should be fun?????