Monday, March 23, 2009


Check out this video that Zach made of Abby singing her favorite TobyMac songs

  • Still busy with MWAS work....looking to hire another appraiser in Cincinnati
  • Still looking for an office manager, as I am still working 3-4 hours/day to help K keep up
  • Van/Truck shopping....a slow process
  • put down the first deposit on the RV rental....scheduled to roll out on April 16th, heading for Mammoth Cave then on to Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • My mom and dad are meeting us in Cave City, KY and going with us to AR
  • Bought a new/used fridge and stove for duplex(rental property) and are picking them up tonight. Found a deal on Craigslist!
  • Kids are going to AWANA tonight and are bringing a few extra friends since this is Spring Break for the public schools around here and parents are ok with them staying out until 8:30pm.
  • K & I have a get away planned this weekend. My aunt Alma is staying with the kids Friday until my mom gets here to stay the rest of the night and Sat with them while we head out to a retreat.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outdoor Play

We cleaned out the playhouse today. Emptied it of all the "garage stuff" that was stored in it for the winter , swept it out and brought up all the playhouse furniture that was in the basement and now it's ready to be a house for the girls again. They have already received mail and had company over for dinner. To me it looks like my back yard has exploded and I'm already dreading the clean up! Oh well, I'm just glad that the weather is nice and the windows are open. I could do without the girls screaming every time a bug comes near though.
On a side note, we are loving Glen Beck on Fox News at 5pm every day. If you have a chance watch it sometime or DVR it like we do and watch it later. Our eyes are being opened to what our government is really up to!
Enjoy this Spring weather while it's here!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sharing the Gospel with Friends!

The wonderful Christian, homeschooling family that lived behind us for years (they moved to VA a couple months ago) are back in town for the weekend. They have boys around Zach's age and girls around Jord and Rach's age. Zach has deeply missed them coming over on an almost daily basis. We have loved every minute of their visit and as I write this Zach, Kevin & Kaleb (the Lorow brothers) are witnessing to another boy that lives in the neighborhood. He had heard that the Lorows were in for a visit so he stopped by. The boys had already planned that if he were to come over that they were going to share the gospel with him and sure enough they went outside to play football and 15 minutes later they are all sitting on the curb in deep discussion! My heart is filled with so much joy right now! My boy and his friends are sharing their faith and the gospel with a lost soul.....and they were excited to do it! I love to see that in my kid's hearts! Pray that the love of Jesus fills that boys heart, and he comes to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ..... he comes from a broken family and always seems so lonely.

If any of you are looking for a house, there is one right behind us for sale that needs to be filled with a wonderful family!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We are feeling very blessed after handing out sack lunches to the homeless and hungry last night. Between my homeschool group, neighbors, family and friends we had enough that most people were able to take 2 lunches with them. There were a handful of kids heart went out to them...wondering where they were sleeping and if they had any toys or clean clothes. A reality shock that we all need. As we traveled home we talked about how good the Lord has been to us and where sinful decisions can lead. In the future we would love to continue to be involved with this outreach ministry and take to heart Jesus' words about feeding the hungry and helping the poor and needy.

Today we took a trip to the library for story time and then headed to Chipotle ...K was there with an appraiser friend of his and we crashed his nice quiet lunch! I'm considering heading back out to the thrift store in search of some T-shirts and summer clothes. Not really feeling like doing the rest of the school day.....I know I should...but........

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feed the Hungry

We have been working on a service project with our homeschool group, family, friends and neighbors......making sack lunches to take and distribute to the homeless who come to a ministry called BetterWay located in the inner city of Columbus. We are set to take them tonight to a "mini" service with some praise and worship and short message. After the service has ended then those who are there can take the lunches and any left over can be taken out into the streets and handed out. Kev, Zach and I are going tonight to participate in the service and help hand out the lunches. The amount needed is 75 and at last count I had 125 in my van ready to go, so we will have extra to take to the streets! Thanks to the homeschool group, family, friends and neighbors who participated and made the sack lunches! What a blessing....and I know most of you put a note in the sacks about the love of Jesus to encourage those in need.

Other updates:
  • taxes almost finished...yeah!
  • bought a new TV, put the old one one Craigslist and someone picked it up this morning!
  • no new van yet.....still looking
  • making plans to rent an RV and head to Mammoth Cave and then to Little Rock, AR to visit dear friends.
  • still looking for an Office Manager for MWAS
  • Have started keeping points/counting calories in hopes of losing some lbs before summer gets here.....have had no chocolate for 2 days have some of those 100 calorie packs of cookies for afternoon emergencies.....we'll see.....hopefully I can keep it up!

Have a good week!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring is Here?

Could it be...well it is at least for today. Windows open, neighborhood kids playing outside, people cleaning out garages and doing yard work. I'm organizing some sack lunches for the homeless, so the kids and I have been counting them and putting together our own sack lunches. Kevin and I have to work on taxes....he's telling me this could take a good portion of our day.....we may not get as much cleaning up accomplished around here today as I had hoped!

Hope you are all enjoying beautiful weather....must go...taxes await....and then hopefully some more fun outside!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies

Year after year, I order cookies from my dear neighbor friend's daughter and this year I ordered ...I don't want to admit how many I ordered. So anyways, they came into this house today. Just as I'm preparing to rid the house of all sweets and try to lose some lbs. Maybe I'll see how many Weight Watcher points they are and just have 1 or 2 a day. I have enough to last for a while. I will definately share them with anyone who happens to stop by....that's a hint for all those who live close by. I will also leave them around the office where hubby and his apprentice spend their time...maybe they will disappear faster.
So look out for the cute little girl scouts in their uniforms at your grocery stores trying to sell "just a few more" boxes of cookies. I find them irrestible to buy from.
I was never a girl scout, always kinda wished that I was, so at this point my girls aren't involved in it either....maybe I should look into that. Or not, that may mean more cookies!
Just a note: My favorite is the Lemon creme, please share your fav's.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stranded Again & Again

Yep, got the van back on Friday, Kev left his truck to have the brakes fixed and on Sat I went to Meijer, loaded the van with groceries and wouldn't start. Kev has no truck to even come and get me...K's dad to the rescue this time with a suburban that we still have on loan. When will this ever end? Oh I know...when we get a NEW van. But...when will we find the time to go look & drive? Who knows. One day at a time..we have a vehicle to drive and K's truck should come back to us tomorrow.
On to happier things....had a busy weekend. Dinner Friday night at our Pastor's house with a few other couples. Saturday of course we had our van drama and then the Youth leaders from the church came to our house for pizza and some Wii fit. Kev and I even got in a bowling game to ourselves after everyone was in bed...he won of course, but I was a close 2nd!
Abby was up in the night 2am-5am, Kev ended up getting up with her and then the two of them stayed home from church today...exhausted and of course Kev is still working day in and day out.
Sorry friends, nothing new and exciting.....just the same ole' drama! Vehicles breaking down, Kev has a lot of work and Abby's not sleeping!
Maybe something exciting will happen this week.....I'm expecting good things from the Lord!