Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring is Here?

Could it be...well it is at least for today. Windows open, neighborhood kids playing outside, people cleaning out garages and doing yard work. I'm organizing some sack lunches for the homeless, so the kids and I have been counting them and putting together our own sack lunches. Kevin and I have to work on taxes....he's telling me this could take a good portion of our day.....we may not get as much cleaning up accomplished around here today as I had hoped!

Hope you are all enjoying beautiful weather....must go...taxes await....and then hopefully some more fun outside!


Michelle Waters said...

Good luck with the taxes. You almost got me going on mine today, but not quite!

Stacy Brown said...

April 15th is coming and our taxes are complicated with owning our own business. We almost have it all together and then we are sending it off for an accountant to finish (make sure we've done things right)