Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outdoor Play

We cleaned out the playhouse today. Emptied it of all the "garage stuff" that was stored in it for the winter , swept it out and brought up all the playhouse furniture that was in the basement and now it's ready to be a house for the girls again. They have already received mail and had company over for dinner. To me it looks like my back yard has exploded and I'm already dreading the clean up! Oh well, I'm just glad that the weather is nice and the windows are open. I could do without the girls screaming every time a bug comes near though.
On a side note, we are loving Glen Beck on Fox News at 5pm every day. If you have a chance watch it sometime or DVR it like we do and watch it later. Our eyes are being opened to what our government is really up to!
Enjoy this Spring weather while it's here!

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Beck Family said...

I love the outdoor play. I feel like it is easier to keep the outside cleaned up than the inside cleaned up but maybe it is because it is not right on top of me. The playhouse looks so cute, I don't think I've ever seen it. Fun, fun.