Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachy-lou!

Today Rach is 6.....we were telling her last night of the busy day we had right before I went into labor with her. It was a Sunday, we had been to church, Zach's baseball game, Wyandot Lake (a waterpark)....didn't get home until sometime after 8pm, tucked kids in bed, was heading to bed myself around 10pm and then they started....I knew I did NOT want to do this tonight. I was too tired and she wasn't due for another week or so. No bags were packed no arrangements made for the other kids, my mom wasn't coming over until the next week.....not tonight! I tried to relax, took some Tylenol, hoping the contractions would subside.....but they intensified and out of bed I came....Kev started packing bags, I started making phone calls and we headed for the hospital around 11:30pm. They held off breaking my water until my mom arrived (4 hr drive from Kokomo), so she was born around 6am. I just remember how tired I was .......but happy that she was here, healthy in my arms!

She is a very giggly girl...a bit whiny too, but we can deal with that. She loves Dora still (that's kind of a secret), but enjoys being with the family, she always likes us all together. She loves to clean....windex, fold laundry, sweep and the Green Machine is her favorite to use. I love to hear her read, laugh and sing. She loves God, the church and having friends over is always on her mind!

She is here waiting for me to finish this blog, so we can go get a donut from Tim Porton's to start her day....she's having a couple friends over for lunch and we have planned to go to Zafoli's (that's Fazoli's)for dinner.....we love the breadsticks!!!

Happy Birthday Rachy-lou-bear! I love you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy Summer, Busy Life

Wow, June is flying by with games almost everynight, work for the business still pouring in....and then there are all those summer activities that we have to do....for instance, when the neighbors call and say, "Our Bonzai Water Park is open!", we drop everything grab the suits, suncreen, towels and snacks and head for the Finzers (thanks so much for all the fun) and then there is the Library reading club.....Z and J are flying through books so we are making a trip there at least once a week, the girls visited a VBS for a couple of days, we have babysat for a neighbor who had a week that she needed childcare, homeschool picnics and lots of "backyard" camping......but no pool time yet! Horrible, I know....since Abby spends most days in a bathing suit just asking her dad if today is the day that we put up the pool (by 10am her clothes are off and "baby soup" is on, even tonight when we came home from a game and were supposed to be getting a snack, she disappears only to show up a few minutes later in a "baby soup")......we have this wonderful pool just waiting to be set up and enjoyed, but we have found no time to put it up, or I should say that Kevin has found no time to put it up. He works all weekend unless he is at a game or doing yardwork. The joys of owning your own business huh? We have some hopes for this weekend though, we'll see, it's Father's Day and Monday we are taking a trip to Cleveland for church conference ....since Kevin is the new Children's and Youth Pastor at Redeemer's now.....have I said that before? Could we be any busier? I'm sure we could and at least we are still young, right? Sleep is over rated too!

Baseball updates:
  • our favorite time of year (baseball season) is almost over.....bummer!
  • Jordy made a TRIPLE play, yes a TRIPLE play.....with runners on first and second, she caught the ball, (batter - 1 out), the runner on 1st had ran to 2nd without tagging up first so Jordy ran to first tagged the base ( 2outs), the runner on 2nd had taken off to 3rd, not paying attention to what had just happened and was happily standing on 3rd base, when coaches start yelling @ the girl to head back to 2nd, Jordy took off toward 2nd base, beat the girl there for the 3rd out and the inning was over! I don't even think her teammates even realized what was happening or were paying that close attention so J just handled it all herself.
  • Rachel has been hitting the coach-pitched balls and rarely ever needs a T now! She is still quite aloof in the outfield and likes to play in the dirt, but she's having fun. She also doesn't like to run fast, she says it makes her tired!
  • Zach is doing well, still wearing a splint but is hitting his fair share of singles and doubles and he is a great fielder. He has made many nice infield plays and even has done some pitching.
  • Kevin and I enjoy watching the games and getting away from home and office....
  • We DON'T like the "porc-a-potty's" and Abby always has to go because she's a drinkaholic! (one game she went 4x - one poop and 3 potty's....K and I are always saying, "it's your turn!")

Other summer plans:

  • HNI Conference in Cleveland ( pray business goes well without us)
  • Kokomo for the 4th and I'm bringing my mom home with me....
  • King's Island...that's where my dad will take my mom back......
  • Tournament games for Z
  • Rach, Zach and Jordy's Birthdays (King's Island trip is their present)
  • Boating and Camping weekends ARE planned
  • VBS...1st of August
  • Most importantly....GET THE POOL UP and RUNNING!

Sorry to family and friends for being slow to blog......we are enjoying summer and it seems I can hardly sit down long enough to update! Hope you are all having a great summer!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pop-up campers & Softball games

A friend of mine "gave" us this pop-up camper, the kids are loving it! We are trying to make plans to take it out and camp, but the weekends are already so booked!

The girls have been enjoying the Softball season so far....although we have gotten caught in the rain quite a few times recently.....making a run for the shelter of trees and the van.

Rachel hit her first coach-pitched ball, instead of off the tee, as you watch the video you will see that she was surprised too and we were yelling, "RUN, RUN".....we have 2 games tonight (Fri), 2 games tomorrow (Sat) and one late game Sunday! Zach has lost his last 2 games, but he has hit a double, a few singles and made some great catches and plays during those games despite still wearing a splint.

The main office computer crashed on us......so lots of chaos for the business that we are still trying to get in order. We had a good week of "water fun" on a neighbor's HUGE waterslide, a trip to the library, and cheerleading camp for Rach and Jord and of course lots of playing in the pop-up camper. We did manage to get in 2 days of school as well.

Have a good weekend,

Enjoy the videos!