Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachy-lou!

Today Rach is 6.....we were telling her last night of the busy day we had right before I went into labor with her. It was a Sunday, we had been to church, Zach's baseball game, Wyandot Lake (a waterpark)....didn't get home until sometime after 8pm, tucked kids in bed, was heading to bed myself around 10pm and then they started....I knew I did NOT want to do this tonight. I was too tired and she wasn't due for another week or so. No bags were packed no arrangements made for the other kids, my mom wasn't coming over until the next week.....not tonight! I tried to relax, took some Tylenol, hoping the contractions would subside.....but they intensified and out of bed I came....Kev started packing bags, I started making phone calls and we headed for the hospital around 11:30pm. They held off breaking my water until my mom arrived (4 hr drive from Kokomo), so she was born around 6am. I just remember how tired I was .......but happy that she was here, healthy in my arms!

She is a very giggly girl...a bit whiny too, but we can deal with that. She loves Dora still (that's kind of a secret), but enjoys being with the family, she always likes us all together. She loves to clean....windex, fold laundry, sweep and the Green Machine is her favorite to use. I love to hear her read, laugh and sing. She loves God, the church and having friends over is always on her mind!

She is here waiting for me to finish this blog, so we can go get a donut from Tim Porton's to start her day....she's having a couple friends over for lunch and we have planned to go to Zafoli's (that's Fazoli's)for dinner.....we love the breadsticks!!!

Happy Birthday Rachy-lou-bear! I love you!


mhutsell said...

Oh, that is a great memory and a great ode to Rachey! She is a wonderful little wisp of a girl with so much energy. When I think of Rachey I think of Garrett. They are peas in a pod...able to keep up with the bigger kids and always have! Love her! ENjoy some Tim Portons for us!

Pam said...

Happy birthday, Rachel!

Beck Family said...

Yay!!! Happy Birthday Rachey Lou!!!!! I love your re-counting her arrival. Have fun with all your family and friends today sweet girl. Tim Portons sounds fantastic.

Nana said...

Happy Birthday Reba!