Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pop-up campers & Softball games

A friend of mine "gave" us this pop-up camper, the kids are loving it! We are trying to make plans to take it out and camp, but the weekends are already so booked!

The girls have been enjoying the Softball season so far....although we have gotten caught in the rain quite a few times recently.....making a run for the shelter of trees and the van.

Rachel hit her first coach-pitched ball, instead of off the tee, as you watch the video you will see that she was surprised too and we were yelling, "RUN, RUN".....we have 2 games tonight (Fri), 2 games tomorrow (Sat) and one late game Sunday! Zach has lost his last 2 games, but he has hit a double, a few singles and made some great catches and plays during those games despite still wearing a splint.

The main office computer crashed on lots of chaos for the business that we are still trying to get in order. We had a good week of "water fun" on a neighbor's HUGE waterslide, a trip to the library, and cheerleading camp for Rach and Jord and of course lots of playing in the pop-up camper. We did manage to get in 2 days of school as well.

Have a good weekend,

Enjoy the videos!


Pam said...

What an awesome "gift"! How much fun is that going to be? Actually sounds like it already is. :0) We are going camping in a couple of weeks. It's been a loooong time and we're really looking forward to it. Rachel did a great job hitting the ball. She looks so cute out there! Hope you guys have a great weekend.

Love you,

P.S. Jennifer had the baby yesterday. He came early, but is doing awesome. I guess he doesn't need help breathing or anything. Thank God!

Beck Family said...

That picture is hilarious, how awesome is it that the pop-up fits right in that little nook in the back of your house, that way the HOA can't say a thing, HA HA. I bet your kids are having a blast!! Sounds busy with all the games. I tried to call you the other night but didn't leave a message because we are so busy too I didn't think I'd be here to get you if you called back. Take Care Friend!!!

Michelle Waters said...

Wow, that's some gift. My kids would LOVE a pop up. They spent a night in a very luxurious one the other weekend - now I think they're spoiled on the whole camping experience!