Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stranded Again & Again

Yep, got the van back on Friday, Kev left his truck to have the brakes fixed and on Sat I went to Meijer, loaded the van with groceries and wouldn't start. Kev has no truck to even come and get me...K's dad to the rescue this time with a suburban that we still have on loan. When will this ever end? Oh I know...when we get a NEW van. But...when will we find the time to go look & drive? Who knows. One day at a time..we have a vehicle to drive and K's truck should come back to us tomorrow.
On to happier things....had a busy weekend. Dinner Friday night at our Pastor's house with a few other couples. Saturday of course we had our van drama and then the Youth leaders from the church came to our house for pizza and some Wii fit. Kev and I even got in a bowling game to ourselves after everyone was in bed...he won of course, but I was a close 2nd!
Abby was up in the night 2am-5am, Kev ended up getting up with her and then the two of them stayed home from church today...exhausted and of course Kev is still working day in and day out.
Sorry friends, nothing new and exciting.....just the same ole' drama! Vehicles breaking down, Kev has a lot of work and Abby's not sleeping!
Maybe something exciting will happen this week.....I'm expecting good things from the Lord!

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Pam said...

Oh no! That is so frustrating when your vehicles won't co-operate! I'm sorry for you. On the bright side - at least you know you have a new, won't break down on you unexpectedly, ride to look forward to someday soon! Yay for that! Hope you have a great week.