Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sharing the Gospel with Friends!

The wonderful Christian, homeschooling family that lived behind us for years (they moved to VA a couple months ago) are back in town for the weekend. They have boys around Zach's age and girls around Jord and Rach's age. Zach has deeply missed them coming over on an almost daily basis. We have loved every minute of their visit and as I write this Zach, Kevin & Kaleb (the Lorow brothers) are witnessing to another boy that lives in the neighborhood. He had heard that the Lorows were in for a visit so he stopped by. The boys had already planned that if he were to come over that they were going to share the gospel with him and sure enough they went outside to play football and 15 minutes later they are all sitting on the curb in deep discussion! My heart is filled with so much joy right now! My boy and his friends are sharing their faith and the gospel with a lost soul.....and they were excited to do it! I love to see that in my kid's hearts! Pray that the love of Jesus fills that boys heart, and he comes to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ..... he comes from a broken family and always seems so lonely.

If any of you are looking for a house, there is one right behind us for sale that needs to be filled with a wonderful family!


Stacy Brown said...

The neighbor boy, Jacob, prayed and accepted the Lord as his Savior! The boys are so excited!

Beck Family said...

That is amazing Stace. Tell Zach, great job. We miss you guys.