Monday, March 23, 2009


Check out this video that Zach made of Abby singing her favorite TobyMac songs

  • Still busy with MWAS work....looking to hire another appraiser in Cincinnati
  • Still looking for an office manager, as I am still working 3-4 hours/day to help K keep up
  • Van/Truck shopping....a slow process
  • put down the first deposit on the RV rental....scheduled to roll out on April 16th, heading for Mammoth Cave then on to Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • My mom and dad are meeting us in Cave City, KY and going with us to AR
  • Bought a new/used fridge and stove for duplex(rental property) and are picking them up tonight. Found a deal on Craigslist!
  • Kids are going to AWANA tonight and are bringing a few extra friends since this is Spring Break for the public schools around here and parents are ok with them staying out until 8:30pm.
  • K & I have a get away planned this weekend. My aunt Alma is staying with the kids Friday until my mom gets here to stay the rest of the night and Sat with them while we head out to a retreat.

Have a great week!


Pam said...

Wow, you've been busy! Vacation sounds great! We're looking forward to ours, too. A weekend get-a-way is always a nice bonus. It's awesome that your mom still comes so frequently to help you out and visit. Loved the video of Abby singing (and the red lips)! I was really impressed with how sweet Zach is with her. Have a great day.

Love ya, Pam

Beck Family said...

I'm so excited you are going on vaca and get to see M. That blog Z dog does is really cool. I can't wait to show Brianna. I agree with Hutsell Dog, Abby is quite the singer. Glad you and Kev are getting away, precious time especially since you are both working so hard. Love you friend, Chelle