Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

The jokes were on Kev and I as the kids have been planning this day for weeks. Yep, I got sprayed with water from the kitchen sink. Kev had cold water dumped on him during his shower, the ball from the mouse was missing, and so on and so on.......all jokes were harmless and funny. I'm not a joke person, I don't even like surprises. I like to know ahead of time ~ I even like the know the end of movie before I've seen it.

Our Office Manager started today (yes, I am jumping up and down on the inside). Christian neighbors of ours knew of a lady from their church who was looking for something while the kids were in school. We introduced her to our office chaos this morning and by lunch she had us just a little more organized. There is a lot of details to learn between the clients, appraisers & borrowers. I spent a lot of time with her today in between homeschooling and kiddie conflict management. My days are not free yet. It will take a couple weeks for her to get all the ins and outs down. If I may brag on the Lord a little bit, she is a children's worship pastor and completely enjoyed my loud, singing girls today as well as the prankster that my son was being today as he dropped M&M's in my pop so that it fizzed. She seems an answer to prayer and well worth the wait!

We are busy getting ready for Easter and an RV vacation. Kev and I are both playing for Easter (K-drums, me-piano) and we have not had the time to practice as much as needed. We have a practice tomorrow night the rest of the worship team and I hope I can get it all right.
The RV trip is happening the Thurs after Easter (16th). We are headed to Mammoth Cave and then to see our dear friends the Hutsells, in Little Rock, AR. The kids talk about it everyday and we are so excited and nervous. We have never been the camping type.

Well excuse me while I get a ladybug out of the bathroom, the girls are in there sreaming their heads off.......camping should be fun?????


Beck Family said...

I am laughing thinking about K getting cold water dumped on him. Sounds like a fun filled day. YAY!!!! for the new OFM. I know what your days have been like all too well and it is so hard to work and homeschool. I can't wait for you to be able to have your days back and just in time for summer!!!
I'd like to come for a visit after school is out in June if that works for you. So excited for you to be initiated into camping, the memories will be priceless. Your family and M's will have so much fun. I'll be thinking of you both.
Miss you, Love you-Chelle

Pam said...

Hey, Stace,

So glad to hear that you finally got some office help for the business! That will surely take a load off. Glad you made it through April Fool's Day so harmlessly. Your vacation sounds like a much needed time of fun and relaxation.

Love you, Pam