Monday, April 27, 2009

RV Pictures

The first pics are of our family, my mom and dad and the Hutsell family. We traveled to Little Rock, AR to see our friends and enjoyed our time with them. I have lots more pics that I will try to add in the next few days.
We have been extremely busy since we have gotten back from our trip....we just started back to school (after a 2 week vacation) today and are trying to get back into a routine around here, but the weather has been so beautiful and we have been enjoying alot of play time outside.
Looking forward to planting my garden Tues or Wed. Have tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, green beans and carrots. We'll see how it goes....I've only grown tomatoes in the past.
I'll post more pics soon... I have to use Kevin's computer when I can because mine is having "internet" troubles and K is always at his computer working so I squeeze in what I can, when I can.

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Pam said...

Great pictures! Did you have a good time? Would recommend renting an RV in the future? So many questions! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. BTW, your mom and dad look great!

Love you,