Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rach's first soccer game

Can I say COLD, COLD & COLD. Here we are bundled up at R's soccer game today. She played so well (Last year she lost all ambition before the first game, I think). She had a goal kick that almost scored a goal for her team ~ it just took a little nudge from another teammate to score! She loved playing defense as well. Hope it warms up as the season goes! You never know though....I hear that in the next couple days around here we could see some snow!

So, today while I was at Meijer, K was home with the kids and of course, he was working on orders that are due on Monday while the kids watched a movie. Towards the end of the movie Rach and Abby head out to the back yard to play. Ten minutes later Jord is frantically telling Dad that Abby is in the backyard with her pants down. He comes running down to find out what is going on and discovers that Abby had to poop and Rach and told her that she should try pooping outside behind the playhouse, so she had come into the house, got a roll of toilet paper and was just about to give it a try when Jord ruined all the fun! Maybe we are ready for camping. This is something that even my boy has never tried! Girls! Who knows!


Pam said...

That is sooo funny about Abby! Isaac tried that once when he was a little guy because that's how the dog did it. He tried like 3 or 4 times even after we explained that just because the dog DID poop outside - people need to use the potty. Of course, this is also the same kid who I caught peeing on my fake tree in the screened porch. He still likes to pee outside - I don't know what it is. Camping shouldn't be much of an adjustment for Abby! She's probably gonna have a ball!

Rachel looks like she's having a great time out there on the field. All your kids are so cute!

Love you, Pam

Michelle Waters said...

She looks like a pro! Great form and everything...

Beck Family said...

Rach looks like she's having fun.
I love to watch the soccer games when they are little. Joe's the out-doorsman so to speak here. He has pretty much gotten over it but since his Daddy is an out-doorsman too, it took a bit longer for Mommy to get the point across. Not horrific out in the country where we live but at the park it's just not good so let's not do it anywhere but the potty kind of thing. Yep, you will be ready for camping. I'd let you borrow the "Big Red Bus" but it needs some transmission work and it is so old we aren't sure how far it will really go. Ha Ha. Hey I am sending a bag of clothes for Ab with Chris this week, hope she can use it. Love you friend-Chelle