Friday, April 17, 2009

RV Trip

I am in the RV.....we have successfully spent one night in the RV. We picked it up yesterday morning and brought it home and packed it up. This whole adventure is very new for us and packing the RV would've been quite funny for anyone to watch. All the while, K is packing up bikes and loading up all the stuff in the storage area, MWAS employess are needing him to answer questions to keep the business going while we are away.....maybe that's the bigger adventure. Will the business be ok without us? Without Kev? We responded to e-mails and phone calls for at least the first 2 hours of driving.

The kids had a blast traveling in the RV. Watching movies on a comfy couch, coloring and crafting at a table, getting snacks, laying down and pottying......all while driving. We only stopped for gas and that was interesting.....trying to find a gas pump that we could fit at.....
Everyone asks much does cost? It's a giveaway with the 1800RV4RENT number written in big script on all sides of the RV. We are renters! We even watched the movie RV last night, just to get an idea of what not to do.

We had a nice fire last was a very cool night. Grilled our dinner.....which took a very long time and had to be finished up in the RV microwave. We played games, rode bikes and showered in a bath house. The 2 little girls fell in a nice mud was actually more like a mud stream. At least the mud happened before the bath house.

Sleeping arrangements.....My mom and dad slept in the bedroom bed, K and I slept on the table bed, Z and J and Kylo slept on the couch bed (then Z got on the floor in a sleeping bag). R & A slept in the above the cab bed. Everyone slept well, no major wakings in the middle of the night.....just K had to work on orders until about 1:30am. The fun of owning your own business, I guess......but it's that business that has provided the means for us to be taking this trip!

We are headed to Mammoth Cave today.....hopefully will post pics and update later.

Side notes:
  • Rach keeps hitting her head on everything in the RV
  • There are cows nearby and the flies are everywhere, including inside the RV
  • Didn't bring a fly swatter
  • K had a hard time starting a fire......quite funny
  • Jord loves fire


Pam said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! RV is good movie. I hope your trip is much less eventful than that! Have a great time and be safe out there.

Love you,

Beck Family said...

Your kids will never forget this trip. Such fun. RV travel sounds great, especially with the kids.
Hope K gets to have a break over the weekend. Have Fun!! Love, Chelle