Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feed the Hungry

We have been working on a service project with our homeschool group, family, friends and neighbors......making sack lunches to take and distribute to the homeless who come to a ministry called BetterWay located in the inner city of Columbus. We are set to take them tonight to a "mini" service with some praise and worship and short message. After the service has ended then those who are there can take the lunches and any left over can be taken out into the streets and handed out. Kev, Zach and I are going tonight to participate in the service and help hand out the lunches. The amount needed is 75 and at last count I had 125 in my van ready to go, so we will have extra to take to the streets! Thanks to the homeschool group, family, friends and neighbors who participated and made the sack lunches! What a blessing....and I know most of you put a note in the sacks about the love of Jesus to encourage those in need.

Other updates:
  • taxes almost finished...yeah!
  • bought a new TV, put the old one one Craigslist and someone picked it up this morning!
  • no new van yet.....still looking
  • making plans to rent an RV and head to Mammoth Cave and then to Little Rock, AR to visit dear friends.
  • still looking for an Office Manager for MWAS
  • Have started keeping points/counting calories in hopes of losing some lbs before summer gets here.....have had no chocolate for 2 days now....do have some of those 100 calorie packs of cookies for afternoon emergencies.....we'll see.....hopefully I can keep it up!

Have a good week!


Pam said...

What you are doing tonight with the sack lunches sounds awesome. Have a great time and be sure to let us know how it went. Your vacation sounds like a lot of fun. I have always thought that vacationing in an RV would be a great way to go. Good luck on WW. My MIL has dropped a ton of weight on there program. Their new cookbook has some awesome recipes in it if you're interested.

Love ya,

Beck Family said...

Stace, Just got caught up on all that is going on. Hope you find a new van soon, sounds frustrating. Your service project sounds fantastic. Can't imagine all that went into making those sack lunches. Hope you get to rent an RV for vacation and get to see Melissa, how great that would be.
Love you, miss you.