Saturday, May 16, 2009


We just all left our homeschool end-of-year picnic ~ windblown and wet! The forcasted rain held off all day, even for our morning soccer game and baseball game, but just as soon as we arrived @ the picnic located the wind picked up and the dark clouds rolled in. Oh well, we did manage to find some caterpillars that the kids believe will turn into beautiful butterflies!
I just have a few updates:
  • Kevin is now the Children's & Youth Pastor @ Redeemer's Church Westerville
  • He is doing the message this Sunday so as you can imagine he's studying hard
  • We are adding Cleveland territory to the business this week with 2 appraisers
  • Looking forward to a Memorial Day visit with my mom & dad has a door & flower boxes to add to the playhouse. We love to have them here ~ they are a great Nana & Pappy!
  • I have lost my momentum with school ~ need to get back on the ball. Just hasn't been the same since our RV trip.

Realizing once again how truly blessed I am to have a husband that loves me and always wants to be with me, kids that love the Lord and are healthy, smart and talented (even if it is a comedy act!) family that supports us and loves to spend time with us and the kids, friends that are amazing(they may all move away but they are still amazing), a house that we fit in, barely but we fit, 2 vehicles that work ~ most of the time but they get us where we need to go. A business that keeps growing and a church that has welcomed us in to their family where we can serve. May I always remember the joy that the Lord has brought to my life.... Just feeling blessed today!


Pam said...

Congratulations on all the good news! That's awesome about the business growing like it is! And the new position that Kevin is taking on with children and youth - awesome! Is this at a different church than the one you had been attending? Chris and I were Children's Pastors for a while and we learned sooo much through working with kids that we never learned with teens and adults. It was a great experience. God is sooo good and I glad to hear that he is blessing your family in the wonderful ways that he is.

Love you,

mhutsell said...

Love it. Good stuff. Wish I could be there with your momma and daddy too! Love them! Have a great week!

Beck Family said...

Sounds like there much to feel blessed over. I heard a saying the other day that came to mind while reading. Happiness comes from happenings while true JOY comes from the Lord. Nice to share in all of your JOY!!!

Michelle Waters said...

I thought he already had more than a full time job!! I don't know how you guys do it?! But it sounds great - congrats.