Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spelling Bees, Funerals, Baseball & Awards

This is what this week is all about. Today, the homeschool group held a Spelling/Geography Bee that Jordan participated in. She did a great job. The spelling words and geography questions were all North America related. Abeka doesn't really get into North American geography until 6th grade so we borrowed Zach's History book for a cram session last night and this morning and she did pretty well....She got the Northern Lights question ~ we went over that, but she also got the "What states border the Pacific Ocean?" question and that one brought tears. Typical of Jordy though ~ she LIKES to get things right! She spelled every word right and that made her happy ~ me too!
We made our way to the Library ( in the rain ~ with no umbrellas) to check out books to start working on our projects for the Academics Fair next week. Zach is working w/a friend on a Science experiment (they have thoughts of "dry ice" but I'm not sure about that). He is also putting together a Ronald Reagan posterboard since he had chosen him for a biography book report earlier this year. Jord has chosen Thomas Jefferson. Rachel has chosen "The Jungle" and Abby has chosen "Farm Animals w/an emphasis on horses." I've started Rachel's posterboard with painting palm tress and vines......still lots to work on for next week.

Other stuff:
  • A neighbor of Kevin's mom and dad have lost their son, probably in his late 40's/early 50's. Kevin grew up playing with him and his siblings. They have asked Kevin to do the funeral, so he is busy trying to put together a message of comfort for this family.
  • Baseball and Softball practices are in full swing now. Zach on Mon/Sat. Rach on Wed. and Jord on Fri. (Rach still has soccer practice on Thurs)
  • Jord and Rach received AWANA awards on Mon night for finishing their books this year.
  • Zach gets his cast off tomorrow
  • My best neighbors ~ the Worleys ~ are moving to Memphis. Feeling sorry for myself as I lose another friend here on Kellerman Ct. Happy for them as they move on to a better job!

Have a blessed week!


Pam said...

Wow! Can you say busy? Sorry to hear about the funeral. That's always so hard to do, especially when it was a friend. I'm also sorry to hear about another good neighbor moving. That's rough. I understand about the whole feeling sorry for yourself thing - especially when you've had such unusually good neighbors. Hopefully you'll get a couple of families that will be alot like yours moving in.

Grant Hutsell said...

Who are the Worleys? Is that Angie? i guess I have never heard her last name before. If that is her...I am so sorry. I know she has been a great support for you. Bummer...yet again. Time for you to move into that 5 level split floor plan we love. :D Sorry...this is Melissa not Grant.