Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baseball Fever

Baseball Fever hits us 'bout this time every year. We love to watch baseball games, especially when our kids are playing. It is more fun to watch the older ones play....the games go a little faster. Tonight was Z's first game. It started @ 8pm and didn't get over until 10pm (Good thing Abby had a nap).

We stopped @ Subway, brought chips and drinks and headed to the ballfield. Z did a great job considering he hasn't really had any batting practice.....he wore his splint tonight. He says it's a little uncomfortable to hold the bat, but he is in no pain while swinging or throwing. He made some really nice infield plays and hit a single, walked a couple times and then hit a grounder to 2nd where the runner was tagged out and the inning was over.
The girl's softball games start next week....this is when we have something happening every night of the week! Rachel's first year, so her games will be the long ones for us, but still so fun to watch them play. Crazy, I know to run my family around this way, but we look forward to baseball season every year.

I also need to mention that Rach scored a goal @ her soccer game on Saturday. This girl has gone from night to day as far as soccer is concerned. Last year she really didn't care about where the ball was or that she should even try to kick it. One time the ball rolled right up to her feet and she moved to the side and motioned for one of her teammates to come and kick the ball instead.....complete change this year. We have had so much fun watching her!

Now just in case you are wondering.....we do not make our kids play any sport....it is always a choice for them. At this point we have time and $$ for about 2 sports/year & this is what they chose:
Z : Basketball & Baseball
J : Basketball & Softball
R: Soccer & Softball
A: Thank the Lord she isn't old enough yet to play any, although she is always asking, "Is it my pwactice now?"

Well, it's late and tomorrow is a busy day getting ready for our homeschool's Academic Fair....we still have poster's to finish. Just wanted to let all of you know that Baseball season has officially started @ the Brown house.
Oh yeah....Z's team won 13 - 4! Go Mudcats!

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Beck Family said...

Yeah Mudcats! Great to hear from you and completely understand the something going on every night thing. Love Ya!