Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A week off?

Who am I kidding, but it felt good to say that. We do have a week off games.

Had a game Mon, Tues & Wed. The holiday weekend has given us a week enjoy some family time. My parents are coming in for the weekend. My dad is putting a door on the playhouse, flower boxes and post on the porch...I'll have to post some pictures.

The weather here is beautiful. We went to a park today, then to get icees @ Speedway, on to Target, Bob Evans & then Jordy's softball game. She is a good little player, she is always paying attention and tries to run her fastest everytime! If you know Jord then you know that she has a very competitive side as well as a compassionate side.........God has put alot into her!

So, everyone have a great Memorial weekend and enjoy the extra day off.....if you are one of those who gets days off.......there's never enough time is there? God help us be good stewards of our time, spending it with those we love and helping those who need Your love!


Pam said...

Time off? It's a miracle! Hope you guys enjoy some much needed down time and the time you get to spend with your mom and dad. It must be nice to get to see them as often as you do.

Beck Family said...

Have a great weekend. The breaks sure do help us re-charge.