Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Jordy-jo!

Today Jordan is 9 years old. She is a bundle of energy around here, always coming up with a new song, dance, game or competition. Most of the time, she is great with the girls (they have their moments) and she plays well with Zach (big kid stuff). She has a great spot in this family line-up. God has blessed her with great talents and a huge heart of compassion. Always thinking of others and ways that she can bless anyone who may be less fortunate. She also has a very competitive side that likes to win and succeed....her size or age has never mattered when it comes to finding someone who will "race" her. Many days you can find her in the backyard, on the trampoline or swings, singing her heart out to the Lord in a song that she's making up as she goes. She's bold.....making sure that she asks family and friends if they know Jesus and if not, well....she tells them all they need to know........there is alot to Jordy, and we love it all!

I was due around the 20th of July, but my doctor believed that Jordy was already a good 8 lbs on a visit that I had, I believe on/around the 9th of July. Remembering back to Zach's delivery, she suggested a scheduled induction on the 13th. I joyfully agreed, thinking, this is going to be so easy compared to Zach. I had expectations of this happening so quick, but it was so NOT quick! I was at the hospital early, 6am, I think. Signed in and in a room by 7am, IV's in and drugs entering my system by 7:45.....anytime now....labor would start. Time and hours passed and contractions.......nothing. More drugs....sit on a big huge bouncy ball.....water breaks.....and now contractions are coming......very painful (intensified by the heavy amount of pitocin).....need epidural......very painful, but no drugs in the epidural because it might slow down the very intense pitocin induced labor that is finally happening.....did I say that the contractions were painful......finally get to the pushing part and I am screaming for something in the epidural.....which I get and now I can't feel my legs or anything from the waist down.....have no idea when to push, gets crazy confusing and I'm shaking all over, then I see this baby with tons of dark, black hair. They put her in my arms, but I am shaking so bad that I can hardly hold on to her.....Kevin takes her and holds her until they take her to the nursery. Come to find out that the hospital had so many deliveries that day that I (and others) had to share a room and they were running so slow in the nursery. Hours passed and I couldn't stand it anymore. I made Kevin go and get her....."Don't come back without her and come back SOON!" I did not get enough time to hold her earlier. He came back with her and I kept her with me all night. I loved all of her hair (Zach was bald until he was about 1). She was precious....and alot more pain than I thought she would be, but it was all worth it.......born at 8:52pm, 8.5 lbs. and beautiful!

Love you Jordy Taylor and I can't wait to see all that the Good Lord has planned for your life!

Video of Jordy singing @ my moms & dads church.


mhutsell said...

I am loving all these birth stories. Amazing how we do not forget any details of birth. I remember you being pregnant with Jord coming to look at your house on Kellerman. I remember meeting you for the first time before you had her and then the second time she was with you! I was jealous you had a girl! ;D And what a precious girl she is. I just love her and secretly pray God puts her in my family someday! I still think she is a perfect match for one of my boys! Love, M.

Michelle Waters said...

Happy Birthday to her!

Beck Family said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!!!!
We love you. I remember how she was always inviting us to all her little parties she planned, handing out homemade invitations along with a healthy "I hope you can make it". I think she was only 4 but soo adorable!!!

Pam said...

Happy birthday, Jordan!