Friday, September 18, 2009


This is the name we have given when our 2 families combine....we are "the Brutsells"!
Zach spent a week in Arkansas with them and then they headed this way and spent a week with us here. During the big kids wrote, directed and edited a movie, being sure to include all younger siblings. There were a few tears and hurt feelings, but the movie prevailed! The kids played video games, rode bikes, went to our subdivision park, jumped on the tramp, played in the playhouse and camper. We even had a great kick-ball game that Kevin got involved in.

The Finzers and the Becks joined us at different times throughout the week and the total of kids here on Kellerman would be 15! We went through lots of food, good laughs and lots of fun memories.
Now it's time to get serious about school and get lives back to a schedule (sorta). Zach is getting up @ 7am and taking Kylo for a jog (although the dog is NOT liking it), showering, doing his chores and getting started on his school day. The girls are also getting into a routine for their school day. Rachel is able to finish up right around lunch and Jord is finishing up around 2pm or so, depending on how distracted she gets with R & A.

Enjoy the pictures!

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Beck Family said...

Aaah how sweet it was!!
Love you. Chelle