Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Hopes and Dreams

I welcome 2010 with alot of hopes and dreams of what I could accomplish this year and ways that I can do things better. I would love to be a more consistent blogger this year, if for no one else, but my own enjoyment and benefit. I would love to look back one day and have all of the family memories written so that I can easily remember (my brain seems to hold less and less of those wonderful memories as time goes by).

The kids have been passing around a fever - comes with a headache and sore throat. This kept us from going to Indiana for New Years, but we have been busy taking down the decorations and cleaning up clutter here and there.

Business is still booming for us and a goal for this year would be to keep expanding into more cities so that more of our income is coming from the orders that we pass on to others, thus freeing up Kev's time for more ministry.

Zach is learning the acoustic guitar and the goal for him is to be able to play for me and girls when needed. Sometimes I need a guitar player help me sing with the kids at church ( a piano is not that portable) and the girls would like to be able to sing at the nursing home, when we work with the homeless, church and any other opportunity that would come up.

I need to start doing piano lessons with Jord and Rach again - not sure why, but it is always hard to find the time to teach them something that I already know how to do......But I am determined to set a time and stick with it. The girls and I have also been working on learning songs that they can do - just to have a repertoire to pull from........you might have guessed that my living room has turned back into a music studio with drums, piano, guitar, microphones and a sound system. Hopefully with it being so cold outside and neighbors having their windows shut and not being out as much we won't bother anyone.

We are planning a trip to Florida (end of Jan/1st of Feb) with my mom and dad. We will be staying with them in their condo and doing the Disney, Discovery Cove and Seaworld parks. Our plan is to drive - Lord help us! My mom and dad go every year and we are always welcome but we haven't been able to go for 6 years now so this will be a wonderful experience for the 2 little girls who will get to visit Cinderellas castle and possibly have dinner with her and Prince Charming (haven't got those tickets yet) and the older ones are going to have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins @ Discovery Cove. We have found some wonderful discounts for Discovery Cove and Seaworld and Kevin has a family friend that works for Disney.....so hopefully we won't blow the budget too much!

The kids are signed up to start Swim, Gym and Art and the YMCA for homeschoolers this week in hopes that some swim lessons will benefit our trip to Florida and also get out some energy that is exploding in our house. We are still taking classes with UACH - this semester Zach will have a 2 hour Art class, Jord will take Astronomy and US Geography, Rach will take Gym and Plants and Abby's class is doing a Safety Town with special visits from Firemen, Policemen, the Red Cross and others. We are a few weeks behind where I would like to be in our curriculum, but.........anyways we keep pressing on!

Kevin and I have dreams for this year......we look forward to seeing God open the doors and hopefully we will be sharing with you the ministry that this dream will bring about (I call it a dream because I find myself daydreaming about it - Kevin would call it a vision because that's what a guy would call it).

May God Bless You as you begin your 2010 Adventure!

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Beck Family said...

Sounds so great Stace, all your dreams and hopes. Hope your girls get to enjoy meeting Cinderella as much as our little girl did over Christmas break. I'll share more about it when things settle down a little. Love you, miss you. Chelle