Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making Changes

I had promised that I would post the changes that we are trying to make to our diet and lives to stay healthy. Some of the choices I am not sure will stick and some are sticking, so they will probably stay.
  • We are taking a daily supplement of Tumeric/Curcumin (you can google for an explanation of benefits)
  • We have cut out Nitrates by purchasing Hormel's all natural deli meats ~ found with the packaged deli meats in a cardboard container (Meijer - $2.79)
  • We have yet to try the nitrate free hot dogs, but I am planning a trip to Trader Joe's to purchase a pack to see if we like them
  • We are "trying" to eliminate high fructose corn syrup~ which is in everything that my kids love. Kroger has a "Mom's Best" brand of cereal in their organic section that runs about $2.00 a box. The cereal is sweetened with cane juice and not too bad. We have successfully replaced Lucky Charms and Honey Nut Cherrios.
  • Trying to go as hormone free as we can. Organic milk is so expensive, but we have switched to organic yogurt and butter.
  • Trying to eliminate any foods that are hydrogenated

I have read through most of Suzanne Sommer's books Breakthrough and Knockout. It's amazing what natural alternatives are out there that have never been allowed to made public because of the FDA. I am convinced that God has placed everything we need to be healthy on the earth, we just have to find it and stay away from as many man-made drugs and processed foods. I'm just beginning this journey and I am striving to find a balance of what will work for my family and not have me driving all over the city to get what I need. I was pleased to find many organic/natural Meijer brand products at a reasonable price. Here's what I found:

  • All Natural Cheese Puffs (very good) $2.50
  • Organic Spaghettios (very good) $1.39
  • Organic Salsa (tasty) $2.00
  • Organic Pasta/All Natural Sauce & Pizza Sauce (pasta's are good, haven't tried the sauces yet) $1.50-2.50
  • Organic Pizza crusts ~ 2 for $4.00
  • Organic Peanut butter - ( haven't tried yet and am not sure how the kids will like it) $2.29

I'm not cutting out the trips to Wendy's/McDonalds /Happy Hour @ Steak n Shake and the occasional ice cream, but if I can do better then I'm going to try. Hope you might find some of this helpful......I'm still trying to figure out what will work for us! My plan is to never deal with cancer or any other disease on a personal level. Kevin's dad has chosen to go with natural alternatives to treat his cancer and we have all thrown our support behind him. The more I research and read ~ the more convinced I am that he made the right choice. Chemotheraphy treatments may take care of or shrink a tumor but it almost always returns and the body has been so depleated by the chemo/radiation that it has no defense against it the 2nd time around.

Please continue to pray as we search out the natural alternatives and believe God for healing!


mhutsell said...

Sounds wonderful! We like natural peanut butter. SKippy makes a natural peanut butter that does not need refrigeration or stirring. It has cane sugar in it but otherwise is just peanuts, palm oil, and salt. We tried organic and also like it. I NEVER thought I'd like anything but JIF! I like the canges you are making! Keep it up! M.

Pam said...

Good for you! I'm very interested in hearing about the changes you're making and what is/isn't working for you - as we are on the very same journey. :0) I have found that making more things from scratch helps to keep the nutrition up, the preservatives out and the cost down. Once you get into a rythm it isn't that much more work. I've started making all of our own yogurt in the crockpot. There's nothing to it and it really saves $$. Nourishing Traditions is a must read. Thanks for the updates.

Beck Family said...

Gosh Stace, thank you for sharing this experience. We will try some of these changes too. Great tips.
Keep you all in our prayers.
Love you!