Monday, March 14, 2011

Abby's 5!

Abby celebrated her 5th Birthday on our last day in Florida! This was Feb.12th....I know, I know how behind I am....I'm trying to catch up! We gave her presents all week long and had cake/ice cream Friday night. Can't believe that my baby is 5! She is still very much the baby though.....gets her way with everyone in the family! She brings us so much joy! We only celebrated 1/2 of her birthday because we are celebrating the other 1/2 in the summer with everyone else's birthdays.....last year was tough for her so this year she will be included in the celebrations!


mhutsell said...

You are a very smart mommy having some of her birthday with the others. What a sweet little five year old! We were discussing last night the fact that we'd like all the Hutsell boys to marry the Brown girls. We informed Garrett that Gavin has already fallen in love with Jordan so she's taken! :)

Stacy Brown said...

That's funny....we would love to share our girls with the Hutsells...too bad we didn't have enough for everybody...haha! Abby's quite spirited so whoever gets her will have alot to handle!
Love you all!