Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday pics

I'm kinda slow at getting these out, but it's official baby is 3! The parties are over, most decorations are down (we still have a few horse pictures hanging around) and the leftover cake is finally gone.....thank kept calling my name everyday around 3pm. By the way, what do you think of my horse cake? Made it myself...2x for 2 parties....that's why there was so much left over!

This week has been busy....we've had a good week with school and today is our homeschool group classes so I need to get everything and everybody ready.


Pam said...

I must say, Mrs. Brown, I am quite impressed with the horse cake! How ever did you learn to make it? So, I see Miss Abby is not only into horses, but princesses, also. Which only makes sense - because EVERYONE knows that a princess absolutely MUST have a horse! I hope Abby had a wonderful birthday and that you had a wonderful time with your visiting family.

Love you,

Garrett Hutsell said...

Love it! totally impressed! typing while holding baby...can you tell?

Garrett Hutsell said...

this is me...not garrett btw!

Beck Family said...

You have to show me what you did, that horsie cake is the best!!!! Abby could be Rach's twin. She is so cute, and 3? How did that happen, where does the time go. Way to go "Party Mom".