Monday, February 2, 2009

My Jordy Taylor

She has so many talents & interests. She is very loving and sensitive, very giving yet can't give things away at the same time. For instance, cleaning out her room.....nothing comes out....that's the problem. She has stacks and stacks of papers....letters to friends, songs that she's written, business adventures that she's created with all the flyers and 50 % off sales ( her newest business is The Backscratch Company - it has been great for her dad and I). She collects stickers, anything that's glittery & shiny and it can never be parted with...she might use it one day to make a craft. She has made crafts with my bathroom paper cups, q-tips, tissues, lip gloss, lotion...oh yeah, and there was the time here recently that she was making her "own perfume" - that was a little messy. She creates "fruity" drinks and puts them in the freezer...who knows exactly what they have in them, but she is always asking someone to test it! She is always "working" on a new song...mostly about her love for Jesus and how He has rescued her...which is always great to hear. All of this background because I want to note something that she had told me a couple of weeks ago and I don't want to forget it.

Jordy was at AWANA and Zach had basketball practice and wouldn't get there until about halfway through the night. They are in the same group, but different teams so they are sorta together for the whole night. That night as I was tucking her in she explained to me that when they play games, even though they are on different teams that she can always hear Zach cheering her on when it's her turn to run a relay or she is out there doing her part for the team. She noticed that he wasn't there when there was no cheering from big brother and it made her sad. Of course, she always cheers him on...she has always been his biggest cheerleader! Then, he always sits close to her during their "devotional time" when the whole group is together and she was really missing him not being there. During this time, she turned around and saw him come in the door and find a seat in the back and she said that she started to cry because she was so happy to see him and she felt a lot better just knowing that he was there. By the time she was finished telling me all of this we were both "bawling" (as only girls could do). I was so happy to hear about Zach always cheering her on and loving the fact that outside of the house brother and sister love each other!


Beck Family said...

What a great story. I understand so much how that fills your heart. Yesterday Natty was sick, she talked Jose into staying home with her and Daddy from church. He said we would only do it so he could take care of her. When I left he was all about making her a special breakfast of just the right mix of things to get her better. Our hearts just fill so with joy we have to cry to let it out. Love hearing about Jordy and her sweet little personality. Hope Midwest Snow Removal got a lot of bus. last week. Love you, Chelle

mhutsell said...

Now I am crying. I love the tender heart of a sister...or a brother with a sister. I know my boys love each other but there isn't that type of sweetness just among boys. Love Jordy telling you all of that. Love that Zach sits close to her in AWANA. Precious.

Pam said...

How precious! I can't imagine what that must do to your heart to see that kind of love between your children. Sometimes I really wish Isaac had that. He would LOVE a sister. I tried to get Amanda to let me have hers. She didn't go for it. How selfish! LOL! Oh, and Isaac is the same way with keeping everything and it all being so very precious. I wonder if it's the age they are.