Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boys & Girls Revelation

Abby has been interested in "who's a boy" and "who's a girl" recently. She makes sure that she lets everyone know thier gender from time to time....."Dada, you a boy" or "Sissy, you a girl" She even has to know the gender of pets, babies and anyone else that may come over/church, homeschool can be exhausting to answer her questions of, "Is he a boy?" "Is he a girl?" Sometimes we tease and say that daddy and bub are boys and boys are stinky...
well, she had a revelation in the bathroom the other day (which is where most revelations take place...come know I'm right) She says, "Mom, I know, I know....potty is a girl and poopy is a boy!

Other than bathroom revelations ....we are snowed in and it is freezing here. Kev still got out to do inspections though....he is determined to not get behind. I'm completely over the wet boots, snowpants, hats & gloves that are constantly lying around to dry... making my kitchen floor wet (I keep stepping in it and getting my socks wet.....I am remembering to wear my slippers a little more often now). The time it takes to get everthing on everyone vs. time spent outside before they come in crying because their glove has come off isn't worth the effort! But, the good mother inside me trys to understand how much the kids want to get out there and enjoy winter while we have it. I take comfort in the fact that winter is only one season here in the Midwest!

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mhutsell said...

hmmm...yeah....I don't really miss the wet mess everywhere. But, I know I'd suck it up just like you and do it. you have to. I remember hanging all their wet stuff on the rafter in the basement. Man, do I miss the basement SO MUCH.