Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, January 12,2009

We are back into full days of school this week....I've already heard protests from the little people in this house.

Kev's apprentice is back to work for him this week, so his load should be lighter....God has blessed the business... we have more work than we can handle. An appraiser friend of his is also starting to work for him this week and we also have a lady that works for him in Cincinnati. We have enough orders to keep everyone busy! I remember when he decided to go out on his own...we would wait so anxiously for a fax/e-mail...could it be an order??? We would run to check and be so excited if it was!

Tonight, Z has BB practice and the girls will go to Awana. We have our first homeschool group meeting of this semester on Thurs so I need to prepare for that and then on Saturday we are heading to Cincinnati for the weekend. Creation Museum and Newport Aquarium. For Christmas w/Kev's family we decided to put all the money that we would spend on each other in "the pot" so to speak and take a trip somewhere. With the kids having no school on MLK day, we decided that this was the weekend we should go!

I know you are all thinking that we must have exploded our entire house up since I haven't posted anything about the volcano that we were building ...but I kept forgetting to get the club soda that is needed to make the explosion so our volcano sits dormant right now awaiting the right ingredients to make it explode! We were so busy last week w/all of us trying to help daddy get through the massive amount orders and spend as much time as we could with moving neighbors that we didn't get around to much else! We will take pics and let you know when we get it all together and make this volcano erupt.

Have a great week!


mhutsell said...

I hope we get to go the creation museum soon. I hear such great things about it that we must make it a priority at some point. Hope you all have a great time! So glad Kev's business is doing so well. What a blessing. God is good. Love you, M.

Beck Family said...

The Creation Museum is awesome. You will love it. We exspecially loved the computerized show of the process in which the earth was flooded. Great to have all the orders and the help. Can't wait to see how the volcano turns out.
Love you, Chelle