Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still No School!

Well, school didn't start today, despite what the calendar says. I'll have to explain...Our dear friends and homeschoolers that live behind us are leaving for VA for good on Thursday. Zach is best buddies with the two brothers and the girls sometimes play with the two sisters. Kevin, Kaleb and Zach have spent almost every afternoon together, either at our house or theirs for the past 3-4 years. Anyways, last night was a good night for the boys to stay all night, so school was postponed to spend time with friends before they leave.

Kevin is swamped with work...even I was typing up orders last night trying to help get orders out the door on time. We are thankful for all the business and are praying for God's strength and wisdom to keep up the pace. The apprentice that we had hired in the fall had taken some time off around the holidays and took a warehouse job while we were slow, but now we need him so hopefully he can get back in here quick.

We constructed an exploding volcano last night, but have to wait 24 hours for the mold to completely dry before we actually explode it, so tonight if you see smoke coming from our house, don't worry we are just doing a little science experiment. We also just watched, "Journey to the Center of the Earth" which is also about volcanoes. It is a good movie for boys! Anyways, I'll take pictures so you can all see the mess and excitement!


Michelle Waters said...

Enjoy the continued break!

Too bad to lose such good friends and neighbors... Hopefully another great family will move right in???

Beck Family said...

Oh man Stace I know the friends moving away will be an adjustment for the kids. Sorry. Great that your business is doing so well right now. The volcano project sounds like a "Blast" ha ha.
Have fun. - Chelle