Monday, January 5, 2009

No school yet!

We are NOT starting school today despite all the calendars that I wrote it on! I am not ready! Since we took a trip to Indiana I haven't had a chance to take down Christmas yet. That really needs to be done before we pull out the school books.
Zach and Jord are at Great Grandpa (98) and Marcia's right now...having lunch, playing games and working on AWANA. We had made plans for them to spend some time with them after the first of the year and today was the day! AWANA is tonight and also the Buckeyes are playing in the Tostito Bowl I know the guys around here are going to want to watch the game. I need to run to the store for "game food" know..chips, dip & pizza rolls....something like that anyways. So, it will be a late night tonight and so there may not be school tomorrow, but definately Wed! I'm going to put it on the calendar for Wed!
Well, I need to get busy taking down the Christmas decorations! Hope you are all off to a good start in 2009! We are getting there...I just need a few more days!

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Beck Family said...

One of the many beauties of homeschooling. Time can be adjusted. Game night sounds like fun. Love Ya, Chelle