Thursday, January 8, 2009

School Starts TODAY!

Yeah! We have finally started back to school in this new year! It has been a great productive day and I'm surprised at how much every retained from before the break!

Our neighbors behind us (the Lorow's) stopped by to say goodbye as they headed out of town for good. We all stood in our doorway and cried. How wonderful it has been to have such wonderful Christian homeschooled boys for Zach to play with every day...their girls are wonderful as well. They were the Youth pastors at Maranatha Baptist Church and lead the Awana Club there. What a great impact they have had on my children....they will be missed.

So, life moves on and we have to stay on the path that God has laid out for us. On that path He has provided us with many wonderful friends that we have been close with for a season and then either they or us have moved on. These are lifelong friends we continue to love and support across the miles. What a blessing to have been a part of their lives for that season. We are still surrounded by neighbors, family and homeschool friends that are wonderful and supportive....we may have to call on them a bit more often now!

It's snowy here! Not enough to really play in, but the ground is covered!


Beck Family said...

Stace, so sad that your friends are leaving. It is all rather familiar. Glad school went so good today. Love that we stay in touch.

Stacy Brown said...

I am so glad that we were neighbors and are able to stay in touch. I love knowing that you still know and care what is happening in our lives. We know that God has blessed us with amazing friends through the years.

mhutsell said...

Man, so bummed for Zach. In a house full of sisters...wonderful as they are...he sure needs some buddies! May God provide! Love you all...M.

Stacy Brown said...

We miss you all so much! Zach has been blessed to have such wonderful "buddies"! Even though they are all moved away...I realize that not many have as many great friends as he/we have had. You are all "lifelong" friends!