Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cincinnati Weekend

This is the gang watching the scuba divers in the shark tank!

We had a great weekend trip..despite Abby having a bout with asthma. We never go anywhere without her breathing machine & medicine so we were prepared, but the first night in the hotel she coughed and coughed for hours. Which means she and everyone else were very tired the next day. We started out on Sat after BB games and headed straight to the Creation Museum. A homeschool friend of mine has lifetime guest passes so we knew we could get in Sat and Sun. We only had time on Sat to see a snake show and look around. We headed back on Sun and went through the rest of the Museum. AIG (Answers in Genesis) has done a really nice job of presenting creation from the Biblical perspective! It sparked alot of great conversations with the older kids. The Noah's ark section was a favorite of the littler ones.

Kev's mom, dad, brother and his family, sister and her family all met us at the hotel Sun afternoon and we spent the rest of the day swimming, eating and running from room to room. We had to be asked to quiet down and shut our was bedtime anyways. It's hard to keep 10 kids from getting too loud when they are having a good time.

Monday we headed out to the Newport was crowded! We saw lots & lots of fish, frogs, sea otters (which were very playful and cute), sea horses, jellyfish & crabs. One favorite was the shark tank. We watched scuba divers up close as sharks, manta rays & huge sea turles swam around them. Another favorite was the penguins....waddle, waddle, Abby says. We grabbed some lunch just outside of Cincinnati and headed home.

Kev had tons of orders to come home to ... a record 88 orders for the month right now (remember that an average month - 30 days - is about 40 orders). He went straight to work when we got home and I did too. Getting ready for school & doing laundry.

Tried to watch some of the inauguration yesterday....I had Z and Jord watch some as well, just for the history of it. We had followed the election so closely, read books about our election process and studied the candidates so I figured that I had better see the study through and cover the inauguration yesterday. The Obama's have got to be exhausted after going to all those balls and staying up so late after such a busy day....and they started today with a church service and far so good!


Pam said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Hope Abbey's feeling better. We used to have bouts of asthma with Isaac. No fun. Great pics. Creepy snake!

mhutsell said...

Love the pics. I want to go there so bad now! Sorry Abby is suffering. Coughing is right up there with vomiting on the list of illnesses I HATE for my kids to have. Oddly enough..despite ALL of our pukes...I cannot remember the last time one of them had a coughing cold. Lots of runny noses but no coughing stuff. It is hard to listen to then cough at night. Glad you all had fun...glad Kev's business is BOOMING though I know that is hard too. Love you guys! M.