Sunday, January 25, 2009

Midwest Snow Removal

This is the name of the Snow Removal business that Zach and Jord started last year. Their profits last year were around$50-$60. This is the first time the flyers have gone out to the neighborhood this year and so far we have a couple of takers. Rach has joined them so the profits are split 3 ways now! My husband's business is called Midwest Apprasial Services...hence the MWSR.
As far as MWAS goes, we are over 100 orders for the month and counting...we are getting some help this week from a dear friend & neighbor that used to work for us, but has since went back to school to get her nursing degree. She has agreed to help bring us back to a level of sanity! She will come in a couple hours a day to help us manage the orders coming in and going out.
Other news:
  • My mom and dad are in Florida ...they have already called to rub in the 80 degree temps
  • Our van is now in was picked up over the weekend by my cousin....hopefully he can get it back into working order. I have been able to borrow a suburban that belongs to Kev's dad as needed. Thanks Papaw!
  • Abby had been taking Singular for her asthma, but had to take her off as she was having night terrors and mood swings during the day.
  • My hubby played the drums at church today...filling in for someone else. I also played the piano for one of the songs that we sang today...It was great to be in a "band" with him!
  • Pray that we find a solution to Abby's asthma (God's healing power would be best)
  • Pray that we continue to follow the Lord as the business grows...we need His wisdom to make the right decisions.

Hope you all had a great weekend and I pray that you all would have a blessed week!


mhutsell said...

Wowee. That's a lot of stuff...asthma, overloaded work stuff, a van in disrepair! I am so sorry that Abby's asthma doesn't have a good fix. All you need is for her to have WORSE sleep issues! Poor girl...poor mama! Hope you get your van fixed and praying Kev's work level stays UP! Love you...and I had to laugh that you would charge US $10 for OUR driveway! LOL! Of course you was so LONG! I guess the other drives are pretty short huh. I cannot tell you how many dreams I have of living back in that house. Usually they are very strange because it is like we are in the house and the other family is just away. That house is forever engraved in my heart as are all of you!

Beck Family said...

Sounds like the Brown house is busy as usual. Love the MWSR, what a great way to be spending free time. They should be busy this week, heard we are supposed to get 6" by tomorrow night. Fantastic to see the fruits of all K's labor in your bus. I do pray God put His healing hands on little Abby. I can't imagine having a child with that condition, very trying and worrisome. Hope your van gets fixed soon. M-I have the same dreams about our house there but in my dreams we are all still there, we never left and our kids are all growing up together. Jose still will say every couple of months, I miss Gavin Mom, he's the only friend I ever had so close.
Love you both! Chelle

Pam said...

Hope things don't get too hectic for you with all you have going on. Wow! Sounds like there's never a dull moment.

Michelle Waters said...

Prayers coming...

I'm surprised my girls haven't ventured out to do some promo for snow removal!