Friday, January 16, 2009

History & Science Weekend

We are heading out tomorrow for Cincinnati. We really need a weekend away...hopefully K will not have to bring to much work w/him and he can relax a little bit. I know the kids & I are looking forward to having him all to ourselves. He works nights/days/weekends. Right now he is at 69 orders for the month. That makes this a record month and we're only 1/2 way through it. Thank you Lord for the business. We'll take it while we can get it!

We'll start out the day tomorrow with Basketball games. Zach's first, then Jord's. Then we will get on the road and make it to the Creation Museum in the afternoon. Then back to the hotel for some dinner and pool time! Sunday we make try to find the IKEA store and maybe go back to the Creation Museum before the rest of K's family arrives in the afternoon. Dinner and pool time again. Monday we are planning to spend the day at the Newport Aquarium. We will head home in the evening when we are finished there. So, you see ...a little bit of history (biblical history) and science! We'll take lots of pictures to share.

Well, I still have lots to do to get ready so I stop here.....oh one more thing....we were trying on bathing suits and Abby REFUSED to take hers off. She wore it the entire day! I begged her,even tried to bribe her into taking it off. I was cold for her. She was even in the basement where it is chilly (especially when the temp outside is -2 degrees). Nothing was going to get that "baby soup" (as she still calls it) off. Even the pizza delivery man had to make a comment as he stepped into our house out of the frigid cold to see a little girl running around in a bathing suit. Finally, a shower is what convinced her to take it off and I quickly packed it away!


mhutsell said...

That is SO FUNNY! Baby soup indeed. Crazy kids! I always leave a baby soup in all the boys' drawers for just the occasion that we stay in a hotel! Learned that trick a while back. Never know when you will need a baby soup! Have a GREAT weekend!

Beck Family said...

Sounds like so much fun. Hope you all enjoyed it. Aber doo and her baby soup probably had a blast along with the rest of the gang. Be sure to blog and tell us your favorite part of the museum. Love ya, Chelle

Nana said...

Love you all so much!