Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Academics Fair

Collasped farm



Zach - Walt Disney w/ Walt's 1st Mickey cartoons playing
Jord - Dolphins w/ our Discovery Cove DVD playing
Rach - Insects w/an ant farm
Abby - Seasons

At the very end of the fair as we were cleaning up, Abby had picked up the ant farm and then proceeded to drop it, spilling dirt and ants everywhere. We managed to round up all but one ant, who died in the mayhem. A vacuum was brought in to clean up the dirt. Some of the ants became trapped in the tunnels, but have amazingly tunneled their way back out in the past 24 hours!


Pam said...

The kids projects look like they were fun. I wish we had a homeschool group to do fun things like this. I searched, but there is absolutely nothing in our area. There is the possibility of a homeschool choir this summer, though. I hope that pans out. I'm glad to hear that the ants have been able to tunnel out. I bet they are, too!

Beck Family said...

Glad most the ants made it out ok. ha ha. Sounds like such fun. Great to see the kids in the pics.