Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowy Co-op Days

A fun filled exhausting day! As a leader in our homeschool group, my co-op day starts before any one else gets there (except the other leaders and their kids). Moving the chairs and tables, setting up chairs and tables, unlocking rooms, cabinets, setting out announcements and name tags. We take calls all morning....from those running late or families who have awaken to sickness, but to add to it today.....we were expecting several inches of snow....during class time.
Most made it in, happy to be back and see everyone from the long holiday break.....we were short teachers here and there but everyone pulled together and made the best of it! Gym classes, Art classes, sign language, science classes, even a photography class and a government class.....all happened today. Whew....glad it all went ok!

We trudged out in the snow after classes for some yummy Skyline with friends and then home where the girls quickly put on their snow gear and played outside for hours! I had to MAKE them come in because it was getting dark! Silly girls would have made an igloo and stayed out there all night if they could've. After warm showers and some food we settled in for a cuddly evening with "neo cubes". Dad had ordered them for the kids for our upcoming Florida trip and they arrived today. The plan was to hand them out just as we were leaving as surprise to keep them busy on the trip, but dad couldn't wait, because.......he wanted to play with them himself! The kids played with them all night while we just "hung" out on the couch together catching American Idol here and there.

Kids around here have a snow day tomorrow it looks like, but we will be putting in a full day around here!


mhutsell said...

So glad you are blogging again! You are making me so jealous with your upcoming trip! Love you!

Stacy Brown said...

Wish we scoop you all up and take you with us. K's mom is going and of course we are staying with my mom and dad there!