Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Store Night

Awana Store Night is the greatest around here! The girls and Zach collect all of their dollars...carefully counting and proclaiming the amounts. As soon as I picked them up they were spouting off all of the things that they had bought. Zach bought an I-tunes gift card and the girls had bought a bunch of little things for themselves and for each other....even dad and I received "presents" last night! As we sat around the island eating our snack everyone played with the new gifts. Abby bought her dad and I a bouncy ball and I was given little chocolates by Rach and Jord. The girls all bought a gift for Zach and each other....the exchange was almost Christmas-like! How wonderful to watch them all think of others and be so happy in giving gifts to each other. The moment was........quickly over though.......as we started to hurry them upstairs for bed.....no one wanted to go and the procrastinating began! They are always so hyped up after Awana.....must be all the joy in learning God's Word!

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mhutsell said...

Awana. We no longer do it because the boys tormented us with their lack of willingness to memorize. And then after the meeting it was so hard to ge everyone settled. And evryone wanted to eat AGAIN. Oh well. Glad your kiddos enjoy it!