Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here are the Family Pictures!

Well, here they are the family pictures for the year. I bought the dresses at Kohl's around the 4th of July - can you tell? With the dog or without the dog? What do you all think?
Our "news" is that we are going to Duluth, Minnesota for the weekend to visit a church there. Kevin was asked to candidate for the Sr. Pastor position by the Elder Board and after completing a questionarre and a phone interview they have asked him to come and preach this Sunday. I know you are all thinking - where in the world is Duluth? Almost to Cananda, I think! Not really, but it is to the far reaches of the north! At this point, we are trusting God to CLEARLY speak to us about this ministry opportunity. Please pray that as we travel there this weekend that God will clearly show us if this is where we are supposed to be.
We are going to leave Rachel and Abby with my mom and dad - Kokomo is on the way - and pick them up on our way back! Zach and Jord are traveling with us.
Well, there is alot to be accomplished around here before this big weekend trip - does it seem like we are always going on a trip around here? I'll keep everyone posted!
Thanks for praying!


mhutsell said...

Minnesota? Cold! Snow! Sort of like Arkansas but Heat and humidity! But, you go where God calls you and you never regret it. I am just thinking Minnesota...how long will it take us to get to Duluth? :) I am glad you are able to leave the little girls with M and D. that will help with your travels. As for dog...no dog...I don't know. She takes such a great picture! As do all of you! Love the patriotic theme in light of election year especially! Love the girls' hair...looks so pretty. Love you, can't wait to hear how the trip goes. I am sure Kevin is anxiously preparing a great sermon! Love, M.

Beck Family said...

Ah Stace, how exciting. It is so awesome to watch your family as you are following God's heart as to where He wants you to be. I know this has been a long and sometimes confusing process for you. I bet there is some Awesome sledding in Duluth. We'll bring the hot chocolate!! Kevin's sermon will be great and I pray you all enjoy the trip. Love-Chelle

Jamie Pfahler said...

I love the pictures! I like the picture with Kilo in it a little better. Everyone looks great! Have a safe and enjoyable trip and I will keep your family in my prayers as always.
Love ya,