Friday, October 17, 2008

Our New Pet

How quickly the week can go by -- a couple days ago we found a praying mantis right outside our front door. We immediately found a container for him and began looking up information about this insect on the Internet. We have captured these before, but have never kept them very long. This time we have found a small aquarium to put him in, with grass, rocks and small tree branches. The kids are spending time in the afternoon and evening looking for bugs to feed him. Crickets have been the food of choice recently, although there are plenty of those "lady bug" beetles around right now as well. It is so interesting to watch him eat his prey alive! A little disgusting to watch, but all in the name of science. Zach just started a unit on invertebrates, so this capture is perfect. Jord calls him "Shirley" - not sure why!

We have had a good week of school and Rach is starting to put together 3 letter words. Zach is studying Canada, and Jord has been actually enjoying some creative writing. Abby loves toothpaste, gum and chapstick - that is what she is always getting into. She also loves to be a part of school likes to have her own books to work on while everyone else is working.

The temps have changed here - 60 degrees today - still not bad and we still haven't turned on the heat. It did get kinda cold last night and I covered the girls up several times, but Rach and Abby still crawled in my bed this morning crying, "we're cold, we're cold". They were a little chilled but not too bad. Maybe I'll dress them warmer tonight.

Tomorrow we may hit a pumpkin patch and run a few errands. The Buckeye game is a must for us in the afternoon and while we watch the game we are going to put together shoe boxes for children/orphanages that will go to the Bahamas at Christmas time.

I'm thinking of an Election Night Party - just for our family. Zach & Jord are the only ones able to grasp the concept and stay up a little later. I've seen some great ideas such as maps of the US to be colored in as the candidate wins that state and keeping track of the Electoral votes as well on your maps - what a great way to learn/reinforce the location of each state. I also ordered a book about the whole election process that I would like to start looking at - I'm not sure how excited they will be, but I'm sure the promise of a late night, popcorn and soda could force them have enthusiasm.
I pray everyone has a great weekend,
Love to you all,

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Beck Family said...

Stace you are such a great Mom. "Shirley" huh that's so funny. How interesting that must be for all of you really. Election night party is a great idea. I think I might steal it. Brianna is really interested in it this year. I love the questions she comes up with. Have a good weekend!Chelle