Friday, October 24, 2008

We're On Our Way!

We are just about to pull out of Kellerman Ct. We're headed to Kokomo first to drop off two little girls and then quickly getting back on the road for a whirlwind trip across through "cheese country" and back. Should be fun! We had to rent a van, because we were not sure that our "ole dependable" would make it. The girls have been it the Chevy Uplander all morning ready to go. They come in periodically to see if we're ready yet. Everything is clean, everything is packed! I'm waiting on Kevin to send a few e-mails and reports for work.
Keep us in prayer as we travel and the little girls as they are with my mom and dad. Most of all, that God would speak to our hearts about this ministry opportunity.
Thanks to Aunt Alma and Shelli for taking all the kids last night so we could pack and clean. Also, thanks to our neighbors for keeping our dog, feeding our bunny and taking our praying mantis in (that's the hard one to take care of because you have to find fresh, live bugs for it to eat everyday).
I'll update soon!
Love you all,

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Michelle Waters said...

Great pictures by the way! Fun to hear your whole story last night. See you at class...