Monday, October 13, 2008

More pics- Brown County & Birds

The first 2 pics are from Brown County - The kids enjoyed a some catch with my dad and the other picture is of the lake that we our trail took us by - isn't it beautiful the way the trees are reflected on the water ? The other 2 pictures are from Luke's "4th" birthday party. The bird was flying around and kept landing on Savannah's head. Kevin would love to have a bird again someday.........
We made it home from our weekend trip and everyone today is feeling tired and a little under the weather with some sore throats and coughs. I think I handed out medicine to almost everyone at some point throughout the night. Rachel is the only one who did not wake up last night. She may be the only one to go to AWANA tonight.
I just want to note that the weather we have had around here has been wonderful. The weekend temps were in the high 70's t0 low 80's and it will be the same around here today!
We have not had heat or air on for almost 3 weeks now - At least we won't be dreading the electric bill yet.


Beck Family said...

The Brown County pics look sooo lovely. What a nice time away for all of you. The bird is beautiful. I don't think I would like it landing on my head though. Chelle

mhutsell said... AC for THREE weeks...I am so jealous. I think by tomorrow we will ba bale to shut ours off. I forgot Kevin had a bird once. I remember that HUGE cage that used to be in your garage. Sorry the kiddos are a little sick...I can relate..its 4am and my nose is full. Allergies I think. UGH. Love you, M.