Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pics - Finally!

Here are some pics that I have been meaning to put on here for a while now.

The first one is of Abby when she had her asthma attack and had to use the mask - it's supposed to look like an elephant face and trunk!

The others are of the Hurrican Ike winds that we hit here a couple weeks ago - we had Ellie and Noah that weekend - Look at the girls hair blowing in the wind!

And then there is our dog and bunny being such good friends!

We had homeschool group classes today so everyone is tired and watching TV right now. The girls are going to see Charlotte's Web tonight at the Children's Theatre. Julie & Ellie Long are going, as well as Teresa, Savannah and Luke. My girls are going with Memaw because I have Praise and Worship practice tonight that I had forgotten about, so Memaw stepped in and saved the day!

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Beck Family said...

I love seeing the pics. Your family is growing up so fast. I hope the girls have fun at the Theatre. I bet you enjoy your worship practice. I have some clothes for Abby I am going to send with Chris this Wed. Love you.Chelle.