Friday, November 7, 2008

Election Night Party

We had a lot of fun at our party! Counting electoral votes, locating states and coloring them in red or blue! As you can see Abby fell asleep, Jord, Rach & their cousin Savannah made alot of pictures and drawings and worked on puzzles while waiting for the next state to be called. Zach had a book that he was reading in between results.

We are planning to put together Bimini boxes (Christmas boxes for orphan kids in the Bahamas) while watching the Buckeye game tomorrow. I need to go buy some supplies for that today and do some house chores!
We are concentrating on some History and Science today. Pocahontas and Vertebrates!
Have a blessed weekend,

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Beck Family said...

It looks like it was such an exciting night at the Brown house. I love how the kids kept track of everything. Great Stuff!