Monday, November 17, 2008

Wedding Pics

The wedding was wonderful and the girls all thought that the bride was a princess. Rach wanted
her picture taken with "the princess"! The wedding & reception took place in the same room - we sat at our tables for the ceremony and then waited while they set up the head table on the stage, then we were served dinner, cutting of the cake and then dancing. The girls had a great time dancing around with grandma's and great grandma's as well as aunts and cousins. Zach, not so much. He did venture out a little when Kevin came out to dance with Abby - Abby fell asleep on Kev and then we left. All the college kids were really starting to have fun by now and it was time for little ones and their parents to go to bed.
My mom (Nana) stayed the night with us in the hotel. She brought lots of snacks and prizes for everyone. By the time we all settled down it was midnight.
We came home tired, but had a great time. Congratulations Clint and Sandy - the wedding was beautiful and we pray for God's blessing on you both as you start this new life together.

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mhutsell said...

OK...laugh at me but when I first saw the pic of someone holding Abby I thought it was you! And, I thought...MAN, she looks HOT! I was immediately jealous! Then, I realized it was the bride! Sorry! I noticed you stayed out of the pics. LOL. rachel in that pic looks so beautiful. I can see a glimpse of the lady in her face that she will someday be. She looks like her gorgeous mom. Seriously. they all look so pretty. Love you, M>