Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Big Yak!

So, I took the kids to run some errands today. Zach had a gift card burning a hole in his pocket for Best Buy (he won it at youth group), so we went there and then headed for the library. After that, I pull into the parking lot at Target to get more $1 items to fill shoe boxes and before I could even get the van turned off - Abby was vomiting all over herself and the van! Horrific! A canvas bag that we take to the library, a box of wet wipes and a change of clothes that I always keep in the back of the van and I was able to clean up enough to get us home.
After she was all cleaned up she said, "Mom, that was a BIG YAK - I don't want to do that again!" I agreed!

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Michelle Waters said...

Oh no! Here's hoping and praying it's only her...