Thursday, December 11, 2008

So Hungry

After the "yak" episode yesterday, Abby just begged and begged for food. I kept finding her sneaking around the kitchen and wanting the other kids to get food for her. I had gotten preoccupied with putting laundry away upstairs and came down to find her devouring a piece of bologna - to which she admitted - "I didt hab anober one" - that meant that she was on her 2nd piece! Praise the Lord - none of it came back up! She had tons of energy last night and ate everything she could get her hands on and kept everything down. Thanks my friends for praying. We all know what it's like to have a "bug" go through the whole family - it would be a week before we were all finished with it! Car sickness? Too hot in the car? Who knows? Just glad the bologna stayed down!!!!


Beck Family said...

All of my kids have had the occasional"yak" from car sickness. It usually hits when I am running errands and hurry to get done. Could Be for Aber doo's. That's what Natalie says every time she knows she has outgrown something, "Could be for Aber dooo's? Love ya.-Chelle

mhutsell said...

EW YUCKY YAK! Nothing worse than vomit in the car. Bet she was car sick. Let's hope. Love you all, M.